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Bullying is a serious problem. It’s sickening and sad to see someone get picked on for no reason or because they can’t afford what someone else can. I’ve been bullied my entire life and every time I’ve confronted what ever person was bullying me at the time I get the same responses to my questions. I ask what I did to the person. They say nothing. I ask if I offended them and they say no. I ask them why they pick on me and they always reply “I don’t know” or “because”. Are you serious? I want someone to explain to me why they feel that they’ve got the right to judge and pick on another person. Why is it okay to torture and torment someone? Don’t give me the psych crap. I want to speak to an actual bully face to face so I can get some answers.

I recently got put on a CRAP TON of medication. You know what it did? It caused some weight gain. No matter how hard I worked out the weight kept piling on. So you know what that caused? The worst feeling of self-loathing I have ever experienced. The looks I’d get and the comments that were made didn’t help either. I wouldn’t eat in vein attempts to lose the weight and I still gained. All the weight being put on my knees made them weak so I couldn’t go for a long walk, forget a jog. So I gained more weight. So school got worse and worse. In class girls would call me horrible things and the teachers did nothing but, as soon as I stood up for myself I got in trouble.I’ve never weighed so much in my life. All I wear is sweat pants because I don’t wanna try anything else.

So I got teased for not dressing “properly.” Then I got off the medication. You know what happened? I dropped 16 pounds in 2 weeks. Then someone a guy asked me if I was pregnant. He wasn’t serious at all; this guy just decided it’d be a funny question to ask. It wasn’t funny to me. It wasn’t funny at all it was just hurtful.

Everyday at school I see people get teased, pushed around, and made fun of and it angers me so much. I heard someone tell a girl to stop crying and go cut herself some more. I was so disgusted and so horrified at her comment. Another girl shouted “kill yourself” and everyone pointed and laughed at this cornered girl while she rocked herself and cried. It was the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

I adressed the bullies and grabbed the girl and walked her to the nurse thus making myself the center of attention and putting a bigger target on my back. Walking through the halls I heard people whispering about how sad it was that a girl was conered. Obviously not sad enough because they didn’t do anything or attempt to do anything to help her.

Bullying grows worse and worse and no one does anything about it. It takes suicides for people to realize that it’s a serious problem. But even then it’s forgotten in a short period of time. It’s sick and disgusting and if you’ve ever just watched someone get bullied you are just as sick and twisted as they person belittling others because you sit there and watch it happen. If you laugh when someone else is being put down you are just as sick and twisted as the rest. It’s just as bad a spewing the hate speech and hitting the person yourself. People think laughing does no harm but that’s just a lie you tell yourself so you don’t have to feel bad. But who are you? You’re a bully. If you don’t do anything you’re a bully. If you laugh along you’re a bully.

Who are you to make fun of someone? When did it become your job to gather the idiots and pick on someone? Can you read minds? Do you know what goes on in a persons home? Do you know why someone acts the way they do? Are you perfect? Are you God? NO YOU’RE NOT. You’re nothing and you’re a horrible, twisted, sick person if you think it’s okay to sit there and judge. I don’t care what your situation is. You get abused at home? Oh well, that’s no excuse for you to go around making other people miserable. There isn’t an excuse in the world for this form of behavior because in this day and age of information ignorance is a choice. I know behavior is learned and not taught but we all have the ability to take a look at ourselves and see the harm we cause. You know it’s wrong. You know you should stop but, you choose not to.

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Ello loves,

I’m dedicating the little rant to the gender bias’ on video games. Now you kiddies are getting ridonculous. Video games aren’t segregated for males and females, what’s so wrong about your girl wanting to play some Call of Duty? Or even asking you to teach her? Wake up! It’s a bonding activity; something you can both enjoy. Ladies your not innocent and you ARE found guilty! Just because a guy is a gamer and doesn’t approve of you playing video games does not give you the right to call him a loser,nerd,geek or anything else.You don’t need to have the last word in everything. I know it’s hard but you can atleast try. The message here is simply this: Video games are a hobby for all to enjoy and play. So don’t get offened when your partner wants to play video games. They just want to spend time with you. Besides girls can be just as kick ass as you guys with video games. I know I recently leard how to play Call of Duty; I am pretty darn bad ass for a beginer if I do say so my self.

P.S. Sorry this is so brief but hey I have more stories to tell.

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