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Have you ever noticed that with certain people you’re expected to play the role of Captain Save A Hoe. But when you’re in need you don’t even have crickets chirping? If that’s the case you need to give your “friendship” a serious evaluation. Now I’m not saying go and kick’em to the curb, but maybe learn to voice yourself and say no a little more? Friendship is just another form of relationship. But all relationships include give and take. The best ones are equal. There’s nothing wrong with being a dedicated friend; you just gotta make sure that your time and efforts aren’t being wasted. I recently learned this lesson the hard way. I had decided to take a semester off from school and do independent studies(similar to home school) so I could have time to reflect upon myself and those I associate with. Within the month I realized I was selling myself short. So I confronted the girl who I thought was my sister from another mister. I told her how i felt and just laid my cards out on the table. I explained to her that I always dropped what I was doing for her,and I even walked miles at 3am in the dead of winter to comfort the girl! But when I called every little thing was put before me. She apologized and I told her I really did have love for her and that I didn’t want our friendship to fade. She blamed it all on her mom and i forgave her. Problem solved right? Nope, not even close. I text her a few days later and asked her what conclusion she’d come to from our talk. She said that she didn’t have to explain her self and that she was a great friend,I just blew up in her face for no reason. So of course I’m like wtf? Then I noticed that her speech pattern was completely different. So I came to the conclusion she had someone either speak for her completely or text me back for her to make her sound smarter or whatever. But the conversation just showed me how week she was. This didn’t really make sense to me because I had known her to be a user, but not a weak-minded/willed person. At first her response hurt me. Then out of no where I started to laugh so hard I was crying. This uproarious laughter was brought on by the realization that I struck her nerve so bad that she had to make herself feel better by pretending she was the greatest friend in the world and that I was just over reacting. She stopped texting me after that, and I stopped caring. I talked to my mom about it, read her the texts and asked her how she thought I handled it. She said that I shouldn’t just get rid of the girl but I shouldn’t be so quick to rescue her either. I agreed with that and I felt that was something people of all ages should think about. Just because you’re friends doesn’t mean you owe people anything and vice verse. In life people come and go and it’s something we all have to accept. The sooner we do the less it’ll hurt and the sooner we can move on.

Posted August 4, 2012 by Sakura Blossom in Girls and Boys

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