Two Wrongs Do NOT make a Right   4 comments

Now ladies, it’s not okay to call all guys jerks, dogs, or whatever adjective you use to describe them. Just as it is not okay to judge an entire race because of the actions of some and speak of the whole race in a negative manner. There are nice guys out in this world, they’re just hard to find and/or taken lol. But think about this, and it goes for guys to. You consider yourself as a good person correct? Well most others do as well. So just like all you ladies hate it when you see guys calling all girls sluts because they picked a few rotten apples, the same goes for guys. Don’t blame all guys; just the ones who you know deserve it. Guys you also need to read all that’s above and follows. To both genders it is NOT okay to go around lying,and breaking hearts. It is NOT okay to use someone for sex, status, or any other reason. It is NOT okay for you to sit there and brag about your sexual conquest to everyone. Can you really be okay with the set stereotypes we in today’s world? When a guy cries he’s a punk, pussy, softy, or is called gay, but when a girl does it’s normal. Heads up kiddies crying is a therapeutic release of the feelings and you wouldn’t have tear ducts if you had no use for them.

Why is it that when a girl has sex with even just one guy or cheats she’s called a whore,slut,skank,etc? But when a guy has multiple sex partner or more than one at a single time he’s the man. I’m not saying it’s okay to cheat but, these double standards are not okay. We say we’re equal but we are not in any sense of the word. In many circumstance. It’s called man kind, but we can’t have it be humankind, or why not even Woman kind. The word man is right in the word! Or how cooking is for females, girls should stay home and be a trophy wife, raise kids and treat their man like a king. But men are suppose to be the only one’s to put food on the table(as long as they don’t have to cook it), make the money, protect everyone. Don’t get me wrong it’s fine if you want  be a provider but, don’t sit there and put your equal below you, be condescending, or tell them what they are suppose to be doing. No one can read your mind but YOU. Only you can figure out your role in this life. It’s your job and yours alone. If you want to give that right away you go ahead. But don’t assume another wants there rights stolen from them.


Posted July 2, 2012 by Sakura Blossom in Girls and Boys

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4 responses to “Two Wrongs Do NOT make a Right

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  1. WOW hun I would say the same, and really the word man is in the word woman to so you are right. I really liked reading this, thank you for sharing. 🙂

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