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Ello loves,

I’m dedicating the little rant to the gender bias’ on video games. Now you kiddies are getting ridonculous. Video games aren’t segregated for males and females, what’s so wrong about your girl wanting to play some Call of Duty? Or even asking you to teach her? Wake up! It’s a bonding activity; something you can both enjoy. Ladies your not innocent and you ARE found guilty! Just because a guy is a gamer and doesn’t approve of you playing video games does not give you the right to call him a loser,nerd,geek or anything else.You don’t need to have the last word in everything. I know it’s hard but you can atleast try. The message here is simply this: Video games are a hobby for all to enjoy and play. So don’t get offened when your partner wants to play video games. They just want to spend time with you. Besides girls can be just as kick ass as you guys with video games. I know I recently leard how to play Call of Duty; I am pretty darn bad ass for a beginer if I do say so my self.

P.S. Sorry this is so brief but hey I have more stories to tell.


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