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When I’m asked what my life is, I usually respond with the phrse “Fuck my life.’ I can not stand it when someone sits there and talks crap or complains about someone else who is sad or depressed, or one who can’t find the bright side. Honestly if someone wants to vent to you or online so what. Why is that you feel it’s okay to bully, and throw in your negative energy.

What posess you to sit there and pick on someone who is already having a ruff time? So what if you THINK the person just wants attention or you THINK that they’re just bored. So what! What does that have to do with you? If you THINK they’re faking it leave them be. Some people may need attention because they don’t get it at home or they really are having problems and no one to talk to so they post things over the internet so that they can find some advice and maybe even a friend. To help them through a difficult time in their lives.

I know it can get annoying to see so many people say that they cut themselves or they’re ugly because they’re fishing for compliments. But if you feel that way just let it go or message them and let hem know how you feel. But if you choose to interact with a person who you think is just putting on a show you need to approach them calmly and nicely on the off chance that their troubles are genuine. Can you imagine being put in a horrible situation, so desperate you’re crying out for help over the internet to strangers.

Let’s say you’re about to commit suicide. You pot it online on the off chance the someone will try to stop you because you secretly hope that someone will care enough to try and talk you out of it. Your last attempt to find hope is this desolate world. Your last attempt at finding a reason to keep you from ending it all. I ask you to take into account what you’ve read before you go out and just blurt your opinions. I know you are entitled to freedom of speech in America but no where in the constitution does it give ou the right to hurt another human being. You may think words don’t hurt but they cut like a blade. Broken bones,cuts, and bruises can heal with time, but a broken heart, hurt feelings, and a destroyed self-esteem aren’t tangable things that can be fixed with a few shots and pills or a cast. These are things the can last a few days,years, or even your lifetime. Basically the message here is think before you speak. Becausr the power our words carry are stronger than any other weapon. As advanced as the human race is we still have yet to realize the power we carry.Image

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