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Bullying is a serious problem. It’s sickening and sad to see someone get picked on for no reason or because they can’t afford what someone else can. I’ve been bullied my entire life and every time I’ve confronted what ever person was bullying me at the time I get the same responses to my questions. I ask what I did to the person. They say nothing. I ask if I offended them and they say no. I ask them why they pick on me and they always reply “I don’t know” or “because”. Are you serious? I want someone to explain to me why they feel that they’ve got the right to judge and pick on another person. Why is it okay to torture and torment someone? Don’t give me the psych crap. I want to speak to an actual bully face to face so I can get some answers.

I recently got put on a CRAP TON of medication. You know what it did? It caused some weight gain. No matter how hard I worked out the weight kept piling on. So you know what that caused? The worst feeling of self-loathing I have ever experienced. The looks I’d get and the comments that were made didn’t help either. I wouldn’t eat in vein attempts to lose the weight and I still gained. All the weight being put on my knees made them weak so I couldn’t go for a long walk, forget a jog. So I gained more weight. So school got worse and worse. In class girls would call me horrible things and the teachers did nothing but, as soon as I stood up for myself I got in trouble.I’ve never weighed so much in my life. All I wear is sweat pants because I don’t wanna try anything else.

So I got teased for not dressing “properly.” Then I got off the medication. You know what happened? I dropped 16 pounds in 2 weeks. Then someone a guy asked me if I was pregnant. He wasn’t serious at all; this guy just decided it’d be a funny question to ask. It wasn’t funny to me. It wasn’t funny at all it was just hurtful.

Everyday at school I see people get teased, pushed around, and made fun of and it angers me so much. I heard someone tell a girl to stop crying and go cut herself some more. I was so disgusted and so horrified at her comment. Another girl shouted “kill yourself” and everyone pointed and laughed at this cornered girl while she rocked herself and cried. It was the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

I adressed the bullies and grabbed the girl and walked her to the nurse thus making myself the center of attention and putting a bigger target on my back. Walking through the halls I heard people whispering about how sad it was that a girl was conered. Obviously not sad enough because they didn’t do anything or attempt to do anything to help her.

Bullying grows worse and worse and no one does anything about it. It takes suicides for people to realize that it’s a serious problem. But even then it’s forgotten in a short period of time. It’s sick and disgusting and if you’ve ever just watched someone get bullied you are just as sick and twisted as they person belittling others because you sit there and watch it happen. If you laugh when someone else is being put down you are just as sick and twisted as the rest. It’s just as bad a spewing the hate speech and hitting the person yourself. People think laughing does no harm but that’s just a lie you tell yourself so you don’t have to feel bad. But who are you? You’re a bully. If you don’t do anything you’re a bully. If you laugh along you’re a bully.

Who are you to make fun of someone? When did it become your job to gather the idiots and pick on someone? Can you read minds? Do you know what goes on in a persons home? Do you know why someone acts the way they do? Are you perfect? Are you God? NO YOU’RE NOT. You’re nothing and you’re a horrible, twisted, sick person if you think it’s okay to sit there and judge. I don’t care what your situation is. You get abused at home? Oh well, that’s no excuse for you to go around making other people miserable. There isn’t an excuse in the world for this form of behavior because in this day and age of information ignorance is a choice. I know behavior is learned and not taught but we all have the ability to take a look at ourselves and see the harm we cause. You know it’s wrong. You know you should stop but, you choose not to.

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Have you ever noticed that with certain people you’re expected to play the role of Captain Save A Hoe. But when you’re in need you don’t even have crickets chirping? If that’s the case you need to give your “friendship” a serious evaluation. Now I’m not saying go and kick’em to the curb, but maybe learn to voice yourself and say no a little more? Friendship is just another form of relationship. But all relationships include give and take. The best ones are equal. There’s nothing wrong with being a dedicated friend; you just gotta make sure that your time and efforts aren’t being wasted. I recently learned this lesson the hard way. I had decided to take a semester off from school and do independent studies(similar to home school) so I could have time to reflect upon myself and those I associate with. Within the month I realized I was selling myself short. So I confronted the girl who I thought was my sister from another mister. I told her how i felt and just laid my cards out on the table. I explained to her that I always dropped what I was doing for her,and I even walked miles at 3am in the dead of winter to comfort the girl! But when I called every little thing was put before me. She apologized and I told her I really did have love for her and that I didn’t want our friendship to fade. She blamed it all on her mom and i forgave her. Problem solved right? Nope, not even close. I text her a few days later and asked her what conclusion she’d come to from our talk. She said that she didn’t have to explain her self and that she was a great friend,I just blew up in her face for no reason. So of course I’m like wtf? Then I noticed that her speech pattern was completely different. So I came to the conclusion she had someone either speak for her completely or text me back for her to make her sound smarter or whatever. But the conversation just showed me how week she was. This didn’t really make sense to me because I had known her to be a user, but not a weak-minded/willed person. At first her response hurt me. Then out of no where I started to laugh so hard I was crying. This uproarious laughter was brought on by the realization that I struck her nerve so bad that she had to make herself feel better by pretending she was the greatest friend in the world and that I was just over reacting. She stopped texting me after that, and I stopped caring. I talked to my mom about it, read her the texts and asked her how she thought I handled it. She said that I shouldn’t just get rid of the girl but I shouldn’t be so quick to rescue her either. I agreed with that and I felt that was something people of all ages should think about. Just because you’re friends doesn’t mean you owe people anything and vice verse. In life people come and go and it’s something we all have to accept. The sooner we do the less it’ll hurt and the sooner we can move on.

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Sexuality and religion seem to be contradictory topics. Homosexuality in particular, has been the subject of much controversy. While it’s true the bible does state that for a man to be with another man is an abomination, it also states that we are all God’s children and he loves all of his children and will never forsake us. What I don’t understand is how some people feel it’s their duty to put down or to eliminate homosexuals. Last time I checked, the bible says, “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”
It also says that we are all born sinners, so who are you to judge another when you are not without sin? You’re about as holy as the next person and as such, you have no right to cast a stone upon another. Some people may have been subject to traumatic events which could’ve influenced their sexuality while others may just have been born that way. The point is a person’s true sexuality is beyond their control. Given that fact, who are you to tell them they’re wrong?
It may be a sin but  just like any other sin such as murder, lying, stealing, adultery, and blasphemy, it is a sin that may vary greatly in terms of potential impact on others. You may think you are better than others because you “only” committed the sin of lying. Sure some sins are considered better than others like lying vs. murder, but then again a lie can lead to the death of another so are they really that different? Just because you don’t see someone effected by your lies does not mean it causes no harm. Homosexuality is harmless when compared to the negative effects most other sins carry, so who are you to judge?
The bible also states that the tongue is sharper than any knife. So even truthful words can lead to death. Again, who are to judge? Sure the bible says that homosexuality is an abomination but it also says that we are all loved by our Lord and his son Jesus Christ. You do not have the authority to cast judgment and hate upon another? It just adds to your list of sins. It is impossible to know all about a person and their struggles. Can you read minds? No; so you have no right to judge when you can’t understand why or what causes their actions, homosexuality included.

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Ello loves,

I’m dedicating the little rant to the gender bias’ on video games. Now you kiddies are getting ridonculous. Video games aren’t segregated for males and females, what’s so wrong about your girl wanting to play some Call of Duty? Or even asking you to teach her? Wake up! It’s a bonding activity; something you can both enjoy. Ladies your not innocent and you ARE found guilty! Just because a guy is a gamer and doesn’t approve of you playing video games does not give you the right to call him a loser,nerd,geek or anything else.You don’t need to have the last word in everything. I know it’s hard but you can atleast try. The message here is simply this: Video games are a hobby for all to enjoy and play. So don’t get offened when your partner wants to play video games. They just want to spend time with you. Besides girls can be just as kick ass as you guys with video games. I know I recently leard how to play Call of Duty; I am pretty darn bad ass for a beginer if I do say so my self.

P.S. Sorry this is so brief but hey I have more stories to tell.

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Two Wrongs Do NOT make a Right   4 comments

Now ladies, it’s not okay to call all guys jerks, dogs, or whatever adjective you use to describe them. Just as it is not okay to judge an entire race because of the actions of some and speak of the whole race in a negative manner. There are nice guys out in this world, they’re just hard to find and/or taken lol. But think about this, and it goes for guys to. You consider yourself as a good person correct? Well most others do as well. So just like all you ladies hate it when you see guys calling all girls sluts because they picked a few rotten apples, the same goes for guys. Don’t blame all guys; just the ones who you know deserve it. Guys you also need to read all that’s above and follows. To both genders it is NOT okay to go around lying,and breaking hearts. It is NOT okay to use someone for sex, status, or any other reason. It is NOT okay for you to sit there and brag about your sexual conquest to everyone. Can you really be okay with the set stereotypes we in today’s world? When a guy cries he’s a punk, pussy, softy, or is called gay, but when a girl does it’s normal. Heads up kiddies crying is a therapeutic release of the feelings and you wouldn’t have tear ducts if you had no use for them.

Why is it that when a girl has sex with even just one guy or cheats she’s called a whore,slut,skank,etc? But when a guy has multiple sex partner or more than one at a single time he’s the man. I’m not saying it’s okay to cheat but, these double standards are not okay. We say we’re equal but we are not in any sense of the word. In many circumstance. It’s called man kind, but we can’t have it be humankind, or why not even Woman kind. The word man is right in the word! Or how cooking is for females, girls should stay home and be a trophy wife, raise kids and treat their man like a king. But men are suppose to be the only one’s to put food on the table(as long as they don’t have to cook it), make the money, protect everyone. Don’t get me wrong it’s fine if you want  be a provider but, don’t sit there and put your equal below you, be condescending, or tell them what they are suppose to be doing. No one can read your mind but YOU. Only you can figure out your role in this life. It’s your job and yours alone. If you want to give that right away you go ahead. But don’t assume another wants there rights stolen from them.

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When I’m asked what my life is, I usually respond with the phrse “Fuck my life.’ I can not stand it when someone sits there and talks crap or complains about someone else who is sad or depressed, or one who can’t find the bright side. Honestly if someone wants to vent to you or online so what. Why is that you feel it’s okay to bully, and throw in your negative energy.

What posess you to sit there and pick on someone who is already having a ruff time? So what if you THINK the person just wants attention or you THINK that they’re just bored. So what! What does that have to do with you? If you THINK they’re faking it leave them be. Some people may need attention because they don’t get it at home or they really are having problems and no one to talk to so they post things over the internet so that they can find some advice and maybe even a friend. To help them through a difficult time in their lives.

I know it can get annoying to see so many people say that they cut themselves or they’re ugly because they’re fishing for compliments. But if you feel that way just let it go or message them and let hem know how you feel. But if you choose to interact with a person who you think is just putting on a show you need to approach them calmly and nicely on the off chance that their troubles are genuine. Can you imagine being put in a horrible situation, so desperate you’re crying out for help over the internet to strangers.

Let’s say you’re about to commit suicide. You pot it online on the off chance the someone will try to stop you because you secretly hope that someone will care enough to try and talk you out of it. Your last attempt to find hope is this desolate world. Your last attempt at finding a reason to keep you from ending it all. I ask you to take into account what you’ve read before you go out and just blurt your opinions. I know you are entitled to freedom of speech in America but no where in the constitution does it give ou the right to hurt another human being. You may think words don’t hurt but they cut like a blade. Broken bones,cuts, and bruises can heal with time, but a broken heart, hurt feelings, and a destroyed self-esteem aren’t tangable things that can be fixed with a few shots and pills or a cast. These are things the can last a few days,years, or even your lifetime. Basically the message here is think before you speak. Becausr the power our words carry are stronger than any other weapon. As advanced as the human race is we still have yet to realize the power we carry.Image

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